Are you using a voicemail when you are not available to answer in person? Well, it is probably time to consider using live answering instead. 24 Answering live operators can be used much more effectively than any automated services. When your caller hears a recorded message it is fine as long as no immediate answer is required. But then why would someone bother to call if there no urgent question to ask? Relying on a voicemail is not the best option for many, if not for all, companies. Our live operator is not much more expensive than your answering machine but it is so much more efficient. In addition to general answering services you can order message taking and forwarding, appointment scheduling, order taking and processing, customer assistance, lead generation and more.

24/7 Live Answering

24 Answering live operators are at your service around the clock. You decide when you need us the most. Every account suggests pre-designed templates to customize to your business strategy, goals and immediate needs. Many companies hire us for 24/7 service on seasonal basis and use us the rest of the year for after hours answering. We can integrate with your IT system to access your products or services information, input updated information in your customer databases, fill in your order entry forms, etc.

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Live Emergency Support

24 Answering Live Emergency Support is most often used by:

  • Medical Practitioners: our live operators can get in touch with health professionals or dispatch the urgent call if specified.
  • Transportation Assistance: any roadside assistance can be provided on request, usually all the urgent calls are dispatched to the relevant staff.
  • Insurance Services: 24/7 support of live operator will promote safety and reliable protection.
  • Real Estate and Rentals: live support for real estate agencies and apartment rentals.

24 Answering live support will answer your questions around the clock. We are always available to assist you with making a decision.

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