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Inbound Sales

Our consultant will provide an overview for your customers about your offerings and answer questions related to products, services, policies, inventory, and tracking in a consultative, effective manner and then ask for the sale. We never force your customers for making any decisions, great products and services sell themselves once your clients learn proper information.

Managing your sales calls is usually impossible when you're on the road, at a conference, or simply too busy to answer all the calls personally. 24 Answering  gives you perfect solution. We can be your around the clock answering service to receive inbound sales calls.

Our inbound sales experts will take your incoming sales calls/enquiries. These can either come from phone calls, web enquiries, mail enquiries when a potential customer has responded to some advertisement. Many industries utilize 24 Answering inbound sales reps/consultants.

Inbound sales refer to situations when the customer contacts the organization in order to enquire about and/or purchase a product or service. Outbound sales refers to the branch of selling in which representatives contact potential customers - usually via phone or e-mail. There is also 'field sales' in which representatives are out in the field personally visiting and talking with current and potential customers.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is strongly preferred by many businesses. Your potential customers find your marketing messages themselves, instead of being interrupted with them. To get started, it is recommended to establish a website, attracting your visitors naturally through the search engines, through the blogosphere, and through social media sites. A rational balance of these inbound marketing methods, and traditional outbound marketing ways will bring the best results. We recommend studying your market, and using the methods that will reach your potential clients the most effectively.

Only professional consultant can provide reliable answers to inbound sales calls. Only real expert can stir up interest in a very limited time frame as the first 15 seconds on the line are the most critical for your business. 24 Answering staff questions are based on information they already know from reviewing account screens, customer transactions or from something your customer says. Then they recommend appropriate solutions to meet this particular customer needs. Our representatives develop sales messages that contain persuasive words to describe special features and benefits of your business linked to particular customers' needs. 24 Answering staff practices making confident and compelling recommendations to your customers and, when appropriate, making the proper referrals.

Our inbound sales representatives are highly skilled experts. They undergo extensive training prior to working with our clients. There are several demands to our Sales Support staff that have to be strictly followed:

  • They are incredibly skilled
  • They are  pleasant - always friendly and sincere
  • They make it number one goal to find out what the customer wants
  • They follow up with your customer. They take down your customer’s contact information and follow up in an appropriate time frame. That's how your business builds loyalty

Cross-Sell & Upsell

We study your product well to be able to cross-sell compatible products/services or entice customers to upgrade increasing your revenue per customer. We collect all appropriate  information during  your personal account set-up. This is when you customize your scripts for your virtual team.

Inform & Sell

Our representatives provide an overview to your potential customers on your services or products and answer any questions related to products, services, policies, inventory, and tracking. Our Marketing & Sales consultants will guide your customers to the final sale.

Lead Generation

We can deliver genuine leads, pre-qualified to your personal specifications. We have an advanced scripting tool capable of scoring leads exactly to your criteria.

Final Sale

24 Answering  Inbound Sales staff  will help you shorten the process and close difficult sales faster. There is no greater teacher than experience. Years of loyal service made us the best sales experts.


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