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Inbound Direct Response

24 Answering Inbound Direct Response team approaches all the inbound sales from a consultative business support point of view. Communication with each customer is an opportunity to increase sales - particularly increasing returns from your marketing investment.

Primary objective of our staff is to help your customers with their immediate need for calling, chatting, or emailing. 24 Answering is always ready to resolve any issues - from customer care questions and orders to complaints. 24 Answering Team first learns about your products, policies, and protocols to appropriately advise your customers on the best solutions.

Increase Your Marketing Investments with 24/7/365 Inbound Support

24 Answering Sales Team approach makes us ideal for direct marketers. We provide custom building of each account in accordance with our clients' specifications. Our call center agents undergo special training to provide a professional image of your company. We have dedicated marketing staff experienced in handling the needs of direct response campaigns.

Potential customers are often too impatient to wait until your office opens to place an order or receive an answer to their business related question. Your competitors will grab the opportunity to get new customers when you aren't there to protect your business interests.

24 Answering team will answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We will capture leads from your direct response efforts, significantly increasing your return on marketing investment.

24 Answering Marketing Team will answer inbound direct response calls related to the following:

  • Advertising and marketing initiatives
  • Product related information and your customers feedback
  • Specialized routing for your Media Buys
  • Order processing, taking and management
  • Lead generation and qualification

Direct response marketing is effective investment. We will capture every sale, lead, or comment from those efforts to maximize your returns from telemarketing.

Did you know?

  • 35% of callers never leave any messages in voice mail
  • 48% of callers never call back if they do not speak to a live person
  • 67% of all business deals are not completed on the first call
  • 62% of all incoming calls are less important to your business success than the work they interrupt
  • 53% of business time is spent on meetings or out of the office

24 Answering inbound telemarketing call center is fully equipped with well-trained operators and experienced supervision and management staff - offering you the highest standards of quality control, service flexibility and the capacity to meet any business needs.

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