Cost-effective answering services
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Call Routing & Transfer

Whether you are a small company owner, trying hard to get it off the ground or having a large company and trying to cut costs and maintain your large client base, 24 Answering service has a solution just for you. We help businesses to reduce costs and give more time for your staff to concentrate on company growth. If you don't have a possibility to answer calls and provide instant customer service or you simply can not afford 24/7 front desk staff, you need 24 Answering. Our service will keep the costs of your business as low as possible.

Our professional staff is trained to answer calls within 4 rings, take a message on your behalf and send it to you. But there are numerous occasions when certain types of calls or specified customers need to be immediately transferred to you or someone from your office.

If this is the case, our staff politely put your customer on hold and call you on a separate telephone line. Once you've answered and confirmed that you are available, 24 Answering representative transfers the call. Personalized call routing protocols pre-determine where the calls should be transferred. 24 Answering regularly routes urgent calls for various professionals from dentists to attorneys, from insurance companies to physicians. Unlike your in office staff we are always available, always willing to help. You determine which calls merit special attention.

Our Support team will get in touch with you to determine which calls are to be transferred and where exactly these calls should be routed. These personalized protocols can be adjusted at any convinient for you time.

We Give You a Possibility to Handle Calls You Want, When You Want

Unlike typical answering services, 24 Answering virtual receptionists are trained specifically to know your callers and their priorities. Our sophisticated CRM system tracks repeated callers and classifies them for future references. We can even greet repeated caller by his name using your caller ID.

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Warm Call Transfers

24 Answering technology allows us to transfer your business calls that you chose for priority handling. Our team first screens the call, then contact you by specified phone and determines if you are willing to speak with the caller or transfer the call directly to you without further interaction (warm transfer). If you confirm your availability, we transfer the call to you and clear the line. Your personal call routing protocols determine where and under what circumstances a call is transferred – so setting and customizing your account is your responsibility.

Typical 24 Answering clients using call routing service constantly are property management companies, insurance agents, veterinary clinics, security firms and other professionals that should be on the go 24/7.

Special monthly plans for warm transfer are available in add-on option to our month-to-month answering services plans.