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Virtual Receptionist

Calls Are Answered on Your Behalf According to Your Instructions and with Scripts Written by You.

Our Virtual Receptionist Services combine the benefits of an answering service with a sophisticated IVR (voice mail system). At 24 Answering Virtual Office, all calls are usually answered on the first ring by the IVR system. The announcement suggests several options available to the caller, one of which is transferring to a fulltime receptionist - our Live Operator. Other options include leaving a message in a mailbox, then you are notified of a new message. Callers who transfer to the Live Operator are greeted on your company's behalf.

Virtual Receptionist Services

In the world of fast decisions your access to new technologies can give your business the advantage over your competitors. Our commitment to constant improvement provides our clients with the sophisticated software and friendly live support, perfect combination leading to success.

  • Professional live phone answering service – totally customizable
  • You calls are diverted to your cell phone or landline
  • Your call answering instructions can be customized and updated instantly
  • Your messages can be transferred to you via voicemail/sms/email/fax

Benefits of Using Virtual Receptionist

  • You save thousands on front office services
  • You get economic alternative to hiring expensive personnel
  • You can afford having your Personal Assistant without any salary
  • Your business will get improved professional image 

24 Answering Call Center service offer perfect solution to those businesses that can not afford hiring 24/7 personnel. Each of our Virtual Office representatives has direct access to the Internet (i.e. to on-line problem tracking system, FAQs, knowledgebase and account information). Calls are answered on your company's behalf according to your instructions and with scripts written by you.

24 Answering has a rate plan designed for your business specific needs. Each personal account is custom tailored. Our commitment to providing high quality service at a fair price makes us the fastest growing service in answering service industry.

With 24 Answering, you will never miss any call. Our answering services network is available to answer your business calls 24 hours a day. Our virtual receptionists can be available when you are away from your office or just too busy to answer your telephone calls. 24/7/365 availability makes our virtual receptionist service the perfect solution for any small business.

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Our experienced virtual receptionists are skilled answering service operators. We can do everything you usually do in your office, including directing calls, transferring of sales calls, patching phone calls, sending voicemails to voicemail at your office and much more. When you use 24 Answering virtual receptionists instead of one in your office, we can perform everything your regular receptionist does, but from our location.

Virtual Receptionist VS Front Office Staff

Our virtual receptionists can be as effective as your front office staff. 24 Answering will easily replace expensive personnel:

  • Virtual receptionist can fulfill duties of your company’s receptionist and patch calls (transfer them) to your own office staff;
  • Just like your in office receptionist can make appointments, so can our answering service virtual receptionists. We can schedule appointments using your own online calendar system;
  • Much lower expenses since your receptionist services will be outsourced to our answering center. You will also eliminate payroll and HR headaches in addition to investment into office supplies, computers, etc.
  • When you hire our virtual receptionist, you enjoy professional services. Always courteous, always friendly, always available.

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