Receptionist Answering ServiceIt goes without saying that your receptionist is the face of your office. Her voice will greet your callers. Her face is the first thing your visitors see when they walk in your office. Your company's success highly depends on the level of services your receptionist provides.

In our technological age, many companies change their strategy heavily investing in advanced software and internet marketing. Yet, your receptionist is still the beginning of your customers' experience. No matter if you work online or simply have information site, live answering is a must. 24 Answering Service presents professional Receptionist Answering Service. Now you can easily replace you in-office staff with our virtual service. Your customer will be dispatched to our call center but the rest of the service they get will be unchanged.

Why Virtual Receptionist?

Your new virtual receptionist is very affordable. Now every small business owner or even a sole entrepreneur can choose 24 hour live receptionist. Big companies choose us for increasing their presence on the market. You might prefer using an automated machine. Your voicemail service can include automated announcement, a full range of voice mail services and even an intelligent voice response system. But nothing can replace live answering.

24 Answerings will give you numerous benefits:

  • Reducing your expenses: with virtual receptionist answering service, you pay only for the time that 24 Answering operator spends on the phone. No monthly wages, no taxes or sick leaves to be paid. Only monthly fee according to the plan you choose.
  • 24/7 availability: not many companies can afford around the clock professional customer support. 24 Answering suggests very reasonable prices for virtual receptionist services. You can choose us for after-hours or week-ends, on seasonal or full-time basis.
  • Capturing Leads: imagine live pleasant voice on the phone and a dead machine- who would you choose to talk to? Your virtual receptionist has huge advantage in capturing leads and telephone calls over any answering machine.
  • Professional Image: your customers will be pleasantly surprised with the level of service we provide. Always courteous and friendly, always attentive to details, always available, our virtual receptionist can satisfy the most demanding caller.

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24 Answering Service suggests a full range of office services. In addition to receptionist support, you can choose us for lead generation and follow up, order taking and processing, appointment scheduling, etc.

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