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Virtual Receptionist Answering Service

Not Sure How Virtual Receptionist Answering Service Can Benefit Your Business?

24 Answering is chosen by many companies for quality live answering. We still prefer old-fashioned way of talking to clients, they should feel warm and friendly atmosphere from the first 'Hello'. No advanced technology can replace live answering.

24 Answering skilled operators make your dream of low cost professional office services a reality. We can answer your calls routed from anywhere in the world. A few years ago, such an option was considered to be fantastic. Although your virtual receptionist will speak from our call center, your callers will have complete impression of the service from reception desk in your office. We offer a complete integration with your company via internet, our live operator will become more than just a receptionist.

Switching to a remote answering service is easy. Your business lines can be routed to 24 Answering call center via call forwarding or telephone system transfer in a matter of minutes. Some companies prefer making transition in several steps. First, they employ 24 Answering receptionist answering service only for certain time, most often for after hours answering. Sometimes, the service is chosen for lunch hours. Then they start using week-end and holidays live answering and often hire us on full-time basis in the end.

What do you need to switch to a receptionist answering service? It will help to have:

  • Internet Access
  • External CRM Access
  • CSR Scripting
  • Call Forwarding
  • PDA and Cellular Technology
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Scripting Options
  • Employee Contact Information
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Perfect Receptionist

24 Answering live operators are trained to take their responsibilities seriously. They are well aware of the fact they can make all the difference between your business success and failure. Our virtual receptionist is never on the sick leave or vacation. How is it possible? Our staff can guarantee that your calls will be answered promptly and efficiently. Your every caller will get friendly and reliable support from live operator at any hour of day and night.

24 Answering Service is proud to become the extension of your company. We train our operator prior to answering your calls. We make sure they know and understand your business features. In-office receptionist is no longer an option for many companies, yet overflow receptionist is still needed in any business. Hiring 24 Answering virtual receptionist can mean a huge change in your business. You will forget about missed calls. All you'll obtain is happy customers, returning clients and generated leads!

Contact our live support to get any additional information on our receptionist answering services!