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Order Entry Services

Order Entry Services

Order Entry ServicesThe process of entering orders is an essential part of any business. Our order entry service receives orders from businesses, consumers via catalogs, websites or call center services. The most important objectives of order entry are speed and accuracy. Our professionals will recommend the clients how to receive what they have ordered as quickly as possible and which promotions are working best. The order entry process includes type of payment (cash, credit) and demographic information (occupation or age). If you are selling products or services you need an order entry service that can handle your needs.

Call Center Services

Taking the order over the telephone is quick and convenient for the customers and for our clerks as well. It makes sense to be open for business 24/7/365. Our order entry clerk acts as a salesperson who tries to increase the number of orders. Our call center agents are trained to handle your calls, to develop solutions to your orders to fit your needs and desires. Our internet enabled telephone operators stand ready to take your order and also to sell your products and services to make you completely satisfied. In addition to processing orders, our agents will answer any questions your callers may have about your products. Our call center reps can integrate themselves with any order entry form you have on your website to enter orders for you when you are unable to answer the call.

Using a call center as your full order entry service is essential to maintain a good customer service and reach any sales goal.

For more information how we can help your business contact our call center services.

Remote Order Entry

Remote Order Entry is one of the extra special services that could be given to our customers. By installing an order entry terminal we can give you limited access to our system. A customer can easily enter an order directly in the Order Entry window at any time. The terminal is connected to our system via modem which works as a dedicated phone line at our site. It is obligatory to protect your remote system by password and assigning the remote terminal a logical name. This prevents unauthorized persons from dialing.

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Note: If you already have an order entry platform, there is no need to utilize our remote order entry platform. Our operators and our call center software are able to interface with any web based order entry system you may already have.

Order Management

The Order Management process covers the business processes required for the creation of a quotation for a prospect or customer, sales order management, invoicing and the receipt of cash. System administrators can manage new sales order type, handle a number of sales order scenarios, make or change the rules associated with existing orders to match specific requirements of their clients.

Order management tools help our customer service representatives, streamline our work flow and increase profits!