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When running an e-commerce business you will definitely require a contact center to take your customers orders and manage any customer services going along with the ordering processes. 24 Answering will help you in managing your orders. We can take the orders from your customers and  deal with your customers directly. 24 Answering suggests professional inbound answering service. 24 Answering staff will make sure your customer's calls are answered professionally, your brand is represented the way you specified. Your  business calls will be managed with great care to get you the highest return in your call center outsourcing investment.

Order Taking

Any business which income is based on customers' orders has only business hours to manage telephone orders. Although, many transactions are done online nowadays, your customers still need a direct contact number. Many customers prefer speaking with a live operator when having questions regarding your product or their orders. Sometimes your prospective customer simply want to make sure he is placing an order with a trustworthy company, not a fraudulent one. With such a number of e-commerce businesses and online stores, it's hard to judge which companies can be trusted. Suggesting your customers around the clock assistance will obviously improve your company's image. It can be easily done by outsourcing calls to our 24/7 call center. We will continually increase your sales by extending your operating hours.

Order Management and Customer Support

Order taking is a useful service, but your customers will often call because they have questions about your products  not clearly answered on your website or your brochures. 24 Answering staff represent your Customer Support as well. 24 Answering call center software can process all of your FAQ information to have it available and organized when your potential customers contact us. Our operators are trained to never hang on the client or leave any questions unanswered. 24 Answering provides a full range of services for your business.


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24 Answering can provide live operator order management to your business. We can take your orders, handle customers' requests, etc. Your customers always get the same level of service they expect from your company.

Benefits of Using Our Order Management Center

  • Extending Operating Hours: from now on your business doesn't close when your office is closed. Our contact center will process all the orders on your behalf.
  • Increasing Sales: 24 Answering Order Management Center is at your disposal 24/7. Being always available for your customers will surely increase your sales.
  • More Options for Communication: Employing 24 Answering will add communication options to further facilitate the order taking process. You will get support of live operators to manage live chat interactions and click to call modules.
  • No More Voicemail: 24 Answering gives your callers an alternative to leaving a message and expecting a call back. If your web site visitors or catalog browsers are interested in your product and they take the time to get in touch with you, their questions should be answered right away while they are ready to make a purchase.
  • Improving Customer Service: 24/7 live operator will improve your customer service and relations with your prospective customers. 24 Answering trained operators provide intelligent communication based on your scripts and your guidelines.

Online Order Management

24 Answering offers online order management service. We can manage order taking in two ways:

  • Order Management Using Your System: If you already have your e-commerce platform for your customers to place orders, 24 Answering software can be configured accordingly so every time your customer rings, we will have access to your software. While inputting orders directly into your e-system, 24 Answering service will easier integrate into your business. There is no special URL or password to see your orders. You will go on using your own order management system like you always do.
  • Order Management Using Our System: If you have not developed your order taking system yet, we can create secure online forms that 24 Answering operators will access each time they take orders for your business. If you prefer processing your orders yourself, we can take your prospective customer order information and then forward it to you through a secure channel. If you don't use any payment systems, we can process  your payments for you.

24 Answering Personnel

24 Answering order management services prosper thanks to our personnel. When we prepare our staff to be representatives of your business, we train our operators to answer your calls following your customized scripts and protocols. 24 Answering personnel is trained in cross selling, up selling, customer service, etc. Every telephone call is an opportunity to make money. When 24 Answering professional operator answers your calls, he will introduce different products the customer may be interested in according to your guidelines. If you choose not to involve any up selling and cross selling, your profits will still increase. Being available 24/7 to answer customer questions and concerns will benefit your business.

Contact 24 Answering Service for all of your order processing needs at +1(888)414-0276.

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