Cost-effective answering services
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Live Answering Services

Live Answering ServicesNothing can be more harmful for your business than upset customers. Not many people would buy a product from a totally automated system. Not much urgent assistance can be received from a voicemail. Professional Live Answering is the only option for successful customer care. You need a live service to support your business.

24 Answering live answering services can suggest extraordinary level of care at a very affordable price. Our HR department provides extensive professional training and monitoring. Our managers make sure that our call center has adequate staff number supported by quality equipment. We take every effort to ensure reliable services provided by trained live operators. We have formed several departments which can support many, if not all, industries at professional level in addition to general business answering.

Options and Benefits

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We answer calls of different companies in virtually any industry. Our pricing plans have several pre-designed templates to be customized to your particular needs.  Any company regardless of its size can be properly served.

24 Answering Service was updated in accordance with the needs of modern business. Although, numerous technologies make physical presence in the office not essential. You can manage your business from anywhere in the world. Still, most, if not all, the customers prefer experienced live answering to any the most sophisticated automated reply. 24 Answering live operators are trained to understand that every second of phone conversation counts. Usually, you have only few seconds to make a positive impression on your caller. Thus, your every inbound or outbound call will be treated with all the care as if it is your most important call. You will customize the greeting we start the conversation with, and every aspect of possible conversation flow. You will be suggested a detailed questionnaire to help our professional operators in understanding your business needs and its strategy. What's more, 24 Answering live operators can answer your calls 24/7/365 if you choose so. Other options include after hours answering, week-ends and holidays answering or seasonal live virtual secretary support.

Our Live Support is available 24/7 to answer your questions or to assist with setting up your account.