Our Answering Service call center has a reputation of reliable and experienced partner with the lowest turnover rates and great respect to the customers.

24 Answering believes that training is of vital importance for the development of our industry. We hire people who are professionally oriented and have a strong desire to realize their creativity, efforts and energy with us. We are looking for people with good communicative skills, interactive and flexible.

24 Answering specialists give high-level training opportunities for our employees according to the program that has 3 levels. The classes are held every day with quality control and monitoring. Our training sessions are regular activity that helps our staff to capture the call agent abilities in a short period of time. Participants are taught of key phrase use, account knowledge, spelling check, conversational skills, numerical and data entry accuracy, call handling, emergency and more. We try to make our sessions pleasant and funny with friendly interaction between co-workers.

We held training in groups according to different shifts and scheduling. We invite our clients to participate in our free demo classes and always appreciate their ideas and advice. We know how to work with our participants to make them responsible call agents professionally oriented. We are really very selective at the beginning. Once we hire and train people they would be our first-class call agents that are always in need.

We support and encourage each agent with strong professional attitudes, ability to improve themselves and leadership qualities.


For more information about 24 Answering Answering Service training and capabilities call us at +1(888)414-0276

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