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Ways to Find Customers


Finding new customers has always been a challenge for businesses. And it makes sense because a successful business is impossible without clients. Therefore any company out there keeps asking this simple question, 'Where can we get more clients?'. This questions sty

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Customer Service: Hard Work and Consistency

customer service

Customer service is the key to a successful operation of any business. Or one of many keys. Anyway, it is something business owners pay a great portion of their time in order to make it effective as they realize that depending on their customer service level people will either choose one's company or go with another one.

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How to Increase Sales with the Help of Answering Service?

customer service

There are no secrets about how to increase sales. There is hard work, dedication, and different methods how you can achieve that goal. We decided to shed some light on how we think an answering service can boost sales for many companies.

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Hilarious Сall Сenter Сonversations


Throughout the years of providing call center services to many companies our live support agents have been facing different kinds of situations. Sometimes it gets tough and sometimes it gets really funny. We decided to share some of the most hilarious conversations between agents and customers.

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Advantages of Online Phone Answering Service Over Stationary Call Centers?

Stationary Call Centers

Choosing a phone answering service is an important decision. However, not every company comes to realize they need one. There is a stereotype among small businesses that an answering service is only for large companies. That is simply not true.

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Important Facts about Phone Answering Service

Phone Answering Service

Before making a decision whether you need a phone answering service or not it may be a good thing to know some facts about it. In his article we tried to list some of the things that could help you understand what a phone answering service can do for your company.

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How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Sales – One Simple Change Needed

Why Answering Services for a Small Business Will Make the Difference?

Sometimes a small detail can ruin the whole complex mechanism or vice versa one small thing can make it work. It is the same thing with businesses - all details matter and if you fail to have everything in its spot you can get into real troubles.

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Top Business Mistakes


Millions of businesses are closed yearly. Some of them are closed because of a business environment processes, while some of them as a result of deadly business mitakes. We decided to list most deadly mistakes which can cost business owners their companies...

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Workplace Productivity


Many people aren't happy with how productive they are at their workplace or even in their lives in general. However, most of those people never do anything about it, thus following he same pattern all over again. We offer some practical tips to help improve one's productiveness.

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What Do People Really Expect From Customer Service Departments?

customer expectations

Without meeting customer needs it will be hard for any business to successfully operate and bloom. To be honest, we believe such companies have no chances to accomplished the aforementioned. Therefore, it is important to know the needs before trying to establish a company to meet them.

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