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Ways to Find Customers


Every business is functioning because of customers. Either because of existing or prospecive ones. Ideally for both of these categories. However, sometimes companies struggle to find clients, especially companies that have been established not so long ago. So very often the business plans boil down to the question like 'Where do we get clients from?' or 'How are we going to draw clients to our comany?' We decided to share some of our thouhts that are based on our own experience as well as the experience of those who have already proved to be successful in today's highly competitive business markets.

Where Do I Look For Customers?

The prospective customers are all around you. Almost every single person in this world can potentially become your client. So before looking for customers you need to know whom specifically you are looking for. Without knowing who is your ideal customer you won't be able to plan and launch customer engagement programs or basically you won't be able to do anything to attact new clients. How old is your ideal customer? Where does one live? Does he/she have children? Where does he/she work? These things are something you simply have to know in order to have a good foundation for finding new clients. If you've got no clue how to find out these things about people you call ideal clients you can just choose your 5 best clients and try to see what they have in common.  

Only then (when you know who you are looking for) you can start thinking about how to reach out to these people. You will agree that it would be absurd to try sell mini-skirts to ladies over 60 years old. But that's in fact what many companies are doing - they are trying to offer their goods and services to people who even potentially wouldn't buy them. Knowing who are your ideal clients will help you find out where you can find them. Imagine that your target audience consists of baseball players. Don't you think it will narrow down your marketing efforts significantly (like where you will advertise for example)? So try to build your marketing campaigns on the basis of information you have about those whom you would call ideal clients.

A good idea may be to advertise where the companies of your industry and caliber like to advertize. Find out about mailing lists. It may be an old method but it is still working. Investing into specific mailing lists are often available if you know where to ask. Existing clients is also a good source of new customers. The key thing here is the right approach. If you don't know how do such things you can easily read about it online or ask an experienced business manager. Many companies offer different kinds of incentives to clients who send certain number of new customers. Bonuses is by the way one of the methods of attracting new clients as well.

Live Customer Support

One of the most effective ways to attract new clients is to make your existing clients happy. How do you do that? By providing a consistent level of customer service along with high quality products/services. 24 Answering can help you make sure your customers always receive a professional assistance from our agents. If you are interested in ordering our services you can always contact our live representative to get to know more about how we can help your company specifically gain new customers.