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Another Why: Why Customers Leave?


In last article we have discussed the reasons why businesses fail and how 24 Answering could help in preventing such issues. Today we would like to address another “Why” – why customers leave. Because every successful business revolves around customers, it is especially important to know why your company loses clients. First of all, there are situations you can do nothing about, such as when customers die or relocate. In such cases you will lose your clients being ready to take for what it is. However, the percentage of lost customers because of the aforementioned reasons in total won’t go over 5%. There are other reasons though which you can influence by initiating appropriate customer service programs and solutions.

Price, Quality, Customer Service

Why Customers LeaveUnhappy with the price. Customers may choose to leave your company because they believe there is another company that provides products/services of the same quality, but at a cheaper price. Let’s face it: you would do the same thing. In order to exclude that from the list of reasons why your clients leave make sure you offer fair prices to your customers. Obviously, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cut everything by 20%, but it is a good idea to review your pricing policy from time to time. People should have a feeling that they pay a fair price for what they get. If they don’t, they will find a company who would ensure such “fair business environment”.

Unhappy with the product/services.  If you buy a brand new car and it has a flat tire or one of the doors doesn’t close properly, you won’t be happy. The same thing with your products/services, if you are unhappy with them, you will likely request a refund and change the company. So if your customer service agent has reported about customers’ negative feedback about your products/services, it would be a good idea to run quality assurance inspection. Thus, you will be able to identify malfunctions and correct them, ensuring your clients are happy with what they receive from your business.

Unhappy with the way clients are treated.  This reason is the most common reason why customers leave. In accordance with latest customer service researches, over 50% of clients leave because they feel they have been poorly treated. It is important to understand that it is not how you feel your company treats your customers! It is how customers feel they are treated by your company. Those can be two different things. It is not about what you do or feel, but what your clients feel when they deal with your company. Therefore, we believe every company should have a call center who will be dealing with customers, ensuring their satisfaction.

If one cannot afford building a call center, he/she may turn to an answering service that will be dealing with your customers on your behalf. This is the most effective way to secure customer satisfaction, preventing your clients from leaving your company because they didn’t feel they were treated well. Many people underestimate this because they believe if their product is good and the price is fair, there shouldn’t be any reasons for complaining. But your clients are human-beings, and how they feel the are treated is often much more important than the price and product quality. Your clients can forgive you higher price or issue with the product; however, they will never forgive the indifference or rudeness of your representatives.

Customized Solutions

24 Answering can offer customized call center services in order to help your company ensure positive experience for your clients. Making your customer happy has always been a reason for the following growth and development. Professional customer support provided by 24 Answering can help your clients to feel happy when dealing with your company.