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Phone Operator Receptionist

24 Answering phone operator receptionist support offers 24 hours a day services to manage your incoming calls and keep your office organized with your callers at cost effective prices. Our highly qualified phone operator receptionists are trained according to your script and protocol. They work as in house receptionist staff on your behalf. We choose our staff very carefully and train our employees in order to get professionally skilled receptionists. Our phone operator services can support multiple simultaneous calls immediately, smoothly and with ease.

Our phone operator receptionist service offers various useful features for our clients, such as:

  • Live Transfers: Each incoming call can be transferred to your company from our call center.
  • Custom Scripted Greetings: As we are acting according to your script each customer`s call will be answered according to your instructions using special greetings.
  • Instant SMS Text Message Alerts: Our phone operator receptionist can text message alerts to your cell phone to notify you of any emergency call on your demand.
  • Advanced Call Services: We offer a vide variety of additional phone answering services, such as bilingual/multilingual services, order processing, help desk, and more.

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Phone Operator Receptionists Can Offer High Quality Service

Our main goal is to deliver high quality services to our customers. So our phone call receptionists offer such service as instant SMS text message alerts all-around-the clock. You can use this service any time you want: full-time, part-time or occasionally. When a call center receptionist answers your call with your custom greeting he will further transfer this call to your office to notify about incoming call. If you can't answer the call or put it on hold we can send you email notification immediately. Here are some services we can perform:

  • Voicemail Notification: Through our PBX system our experts can set up a voicemail box on site where your phone receptionist can get text messages.
  • Faxed Transcripts: Our phone receptionists will send you a fax list with all incoming calls.
  • Email Alerts: Our agents will send you emails with notifications of your urgent messages about incoming calls.
  • Paging: We can page out messages with alerts to ensure your on-call receives a call.

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