When Meeting Customer Needs Becomes a Priority

When Meeting Customer Needs Becomes a Priority

Answering Services

Customer NeedsToday’s companies survive by outsourcing customer service to the third parties who provide professional live support. Such providers are called answering services. They are popular because of their technical capabilities, human resources, and affordable prices. Most business owners who turn to answering services realize that if well chosen, an answering service can accomplish the same price as a stationary call center (although at a much cheaper price rate).

Business need much more than a courteous service. Most call centers today along with providing professional customer support cover administrative duties as well. Let’s assume your business revolves around the sales of clothes and a big part of your sales are coming from online customers. In this case, a company that offers its products on the website can benefit a lot from having a call center (or from cooperation with a high quality answering service). It becomes not about answering general customer inquiries only, but it is also about order taking/order fulfillment, etc.

Customized Call Center Solutions

24 Answering provides customized call center solutions to companies who seek professional outside assistance in dealing with clients. Even if you are not sure how we can help your company provide a better service to your clients you can just come and ask that question directly. From that moment on it will be our job to analyze your business in order to offer personalized services that would enhance your business performance. We can cove lots of responsibilities, including appointment scheduling, lead generation, telesales, front desk services, messaging, cold calling, etc. Pretty much everything your office staff can accomplish can do as well (though at a much cheaper price with no quality sacrifice). We also offer after hour services in case your company needs assistance only in the time of closing hours.

Customer Support for Every Business

Medical Office, Advertising, Transportation Services, Banking, Accounting, Insurance, Real Estate, Travel & Tourism – these fields of businesses seem to have little in common, but each and every one of them can benefit a lot from a high quality customer support provided by our agents and operators.  Our operators are trained specifically for one company in order to become an extension of such company, not just a third party service provider. These way callers will not even know that they are talking to someone who is working for a different company.

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