Supporting Your Clients

Supporting Your Clients

Many businesses believe that live customer support is important. All of online shoppers and clients are absolutely sure that live support is essential for a happy customer experience. Nevertheless, many companies don’t understand why it is so important. In this blog post we would like to share some insightful ideas how your clients and your company could benefit from 24 x 7 live support.

Timely Assistance to Your Clients

First and foremost, your customers will benefit from the timely assistance that will be provided by well-trained agents. This is not the same as emails or voicemails. Whenever your prospective client wants to get additional information he would prefer contacting live support agent rather than leave a voicemail, interact with IVR or just write an email. As a matter of fact, most consumers get annoyed by voicemails and automated phone systems as in 90% they never help. Imagine that instead of having to write an email or talk to a machine your clients will be able to receive necessary assistance from a friendly operator – that will guarantee a better customer experience.

Creating a Better Customer Experience

It is one thing when your clients don’t get needed assistance in a timely manner; the other thing when they don’t get the resolution of their issues they have with the product purchased from your company. Let’s face it, not everything goes smooth when it comes to the products/services you sell – sometimes there may be some defects and customers won’t be happy about that. However, if you manage to resolve customer complaints quickly, it means that in over 75% of cases they will do business with again in 70% of cases. If you fail to do so, over 90% of clients will go to your competitors. Now if you do value each and every client of yours, you wouldn’t want to allow that. Professional live support can effectively resolve client issues and complaints ensuring you don’t lose your customers. Alain Weiss once advised: “Ask your customers to be a part of the solution, and don’t view them as part of the problem”.

Seeking Improvement with Answering Services

live supportWhenever a customer feels unhappy about the received level of service, it is more likely he/she will share it with the friends and family. About 25% would post a review of the product online. This doesn’t do any good to you as the reputation of your company is at stake. The worst-case scenario is when your customers will be spreading the information about your product issues to their friends and relatives while you will be unaware that such product issues exist. And instead of fixing the issues you will be analyzing reasons why you lose your customers and don’t acquire many of the new clients. Live support will allow gathering feedback from your clients (be it a negative comment about the product/service or a positive and encouraging word). This is vital for any business that seeks improvement and development. Your clients are your main audience; no one will ever do a better job of evaluating your company. Ignoring what your customer say is the most important thing about your business.
24 Answering can offer you professional agents along with its advanced technologies that will allow your company remain available to your clients. We can customize our services so that unique requirements of your company would be properly addressed by a well-trained team of operators and technicians. If you order our answering services both your customers and your business will win. Our service could also provide additional features as appointment scheduling, order processing, call routing, etc… at no additional cost.

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