Customer Service Rules

Customer Service Rules

There are certain rules to ensure excellent customer service. Most business managers who have spent some time researching about effective customer service techniques know them well. There are people who say that those are only for live support operators, but we believe that every business owner/executive must make sure that these simple rules are communicated to all call center operators for professional customer support. Moreover, one should make sure those rules are followed to secure consistency of customer service.

4 Simple Tips

Listen! Though many people believe that the main task of live support agents is to talk to callers that is not so. The most important rule is to listen. If we believe that the main responsibility of customer service is to help prospective and existing clients with the issues or concerns they have. Subsequently, in order to help one has to know and understand what is the nature of issue to be dealt with. Because a client is the only source of such information, one has to carefully listen first. Besides, giving your callers some space to express their frustration can also be helpful. Don’t interrupt, but rather make sure you understand what a client needs.

SmileSmile! Everybody understands why a customer service representative should smile when dealing with customers in the office. However, many of them doubt that when talking on the phone it is of any importance. In other words, most people believe that smiling when talking on the phone isn’t necessary because it makes no difference whatsoever. Nevertheless, in accordance with latest researches and surveys people can differentiate vocal intonation between a smile and no smile agents. Because smile affects the way we speak it is absolutely necessary that customer support agents and especially sales representatives would smile while talking.

Be Quick! Whenever people call your company they either want to get specific information about your products/services or they want their problems solved. In both cases we are not even talking about how important it is to be helpful (in other words properly address the requests and problems). We also believe that in order to ensure positive customer experience it is vitally important to be quick in doing so. Just imagine for example you are very hungry asking your friend to give you something to eat. At that very moment you don’t need words, long explanations why you want to eat, and how your food is being cooked – all you need is eat. It is pretty much the same with providing effective customer service…

The Extra Mile! This step will ensure a better customer experience. One of the common mistakes made by companies is that they are satisfied with basic things. Achieving good customer service level is not enough today. Exceeding customer expectations is what moves business ahead of its competitors. Doing the minimum is not good enough today. Going the extra mile doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make a 50% discount or give 200$ worth product as a gift. Sometimes a little thing can help your clients feel happy: thank you note, e-card, birthday congratulations, a little free gift, etc.  In other words giving a special touch to your relationships with clients can bring amazing results in terms of customer loyalty.

24 Answering

All of our operators can ensure your customers hear our smile, feel the responsiveness, appreciate our listening skills, and love providing more than expected approach. These rules are fundamental when we train our operators on providing effective customer service. Of course there are more than 4 simple rules, but the aforementioned ones are among top priorities for any agent at 24 Answering.

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