Making Clients Happy

Making Clients Happy

Customer service is one of the key aspects for most (if not any) business owners. It is not hard to realize that if your clients are not happy with the service quality offered by your company, most likely you will go bankrupt very soon. It is not surprising then that senior managers and executives put great emphasis on providing professional customer service and support. Making customers happy therefore becomes one of the priorities of any business. In this article we would like to share some insightful tips on how to make your customer service better.

4 Simple Tips

Customer ServiceAdmit your mistakes.  One of the most common mistakes of managers and call center representatives is that they believe they have to know all the answers and never make a mistake when dealing with clients. There is also another problem that comes out of it – whenever customer service representatives make a mistake, they deny it. But such actions will only make things worse. At 24 Answering we believe one cannot have answers to all questions as well as one may make a mistake – even if it is not great in terms of customer service, that can be deadly when one tries to deny it. The key is even not in making mistakes, but the way they are handled. Admitting a mistake is one of the essential aspects of building rapport with customers.

Be Consistent. People who buy the products of your company or use the services of your organization expect professional customer service. But they don’t expect it in 60% or 70% of their interactions with your business. On the contrary, every single time they make decision to buy something from your company or use your services they expect professional customer service. Consistency then is something that is highly valued among consumers. Moreover, consistency is one of the reasons why people choose companies. You always choose the company that you know will provide you with excellent service meeting your expectations.

Personal Service. Clients appreciate the chance to talk to a real person rather than to a voicemail. Unfortunately, many live support operators don’t sound any different that a voicemail machines. The benefit of company with own call center is in capabilities of providing personal service to its clients. Friendly voice of a professional customer support representative could significantly contribute to turning your first time customer into a returning one.

Building a relationship is more important than making a sale. When your customer service operators stop viewing clients as a source of money only, then you will see the importance of building a relationship with clients. It is not only about making a successful sale, but rather on creating a better experience for customers making them happy about the interaction with your company. As soon as your operators realize this simple fact, your company will feel the difference.

From a Customer’s Perspective

It is not that difficult to ensure customer satisfaction if one puts himself/herself in a customer’s shoes. Clients don’t want anything super unrealistic. They simply want their needs met. It is that simple. Of course there is no such company that would be able to meet all of customer needs, but we believe your company was established with the purpose of meeting specific needs of specific group of people. And effectively meeting customer needs is what will help your company grow.

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