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Any advanced call center should be able to manage telemarketing campaigns for its clients. 24 Answering call center provides inbound and outbound telemarketing services. We can generally use any of two options, you can either give us your own prospects' list or our live operators can use the prospective buyers list of 24 Answering call center. You will be charged a nominal setup fee and additionally, you will pay for operator’s time on a per minute basis. Every account can set up a limit that cannot be exceeded during a day. It can be set either in minutes or US dollars. You can even specify the amount of money you wish to spend on the marketing campaign per day, week or month. Our live operators will organize your campaign according to your demands.

Telemarketing applications are managed by 24 Answering as a part of our receptionist service. We charge for this sophisticated application on a per minute basis. We can effectively organize and implement your marketing campaigns, following your instructions precisely. We can also up-sell or cross-sell your products. Our live operators will input all the relevant information in your web database. You tell us what you need and we will immediately find a proper solution.

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Nothing is more effective for generating new leads and follow-up on your old ones than telemarketing. How’s that? Well, if you run any kind of a small business, managing your current clients is absolutely necessary for your success. Yet acquiring new leads means getting new clients and it can’t be ignored. Let our specialists help you. They will present your company in the best way. Your prospective clients will get correct information about your firm.

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24 Answering successfully provides inbound and outbound telemarketing services. Our experience taught us to use our live agents not only for completing sales but for fulfilling simultaneous tasks such as providing customer service, appointment scheduling, lead qualification, subscription renewal and data maintenance services. We always properly train our live operators, create reliable scripts, thus designing telemarketing application fitting your requirements. We will partner your business to establish the telemarketing campaign working for you on your terms. Any changes can be applied to adjust our protocols to your new demands. Our agents will become representatives of your company. Our experience will allow to combine your new project with your business model to achieve the most profitable results.

We also offer quality help desk and customer support services, customer retention, order taking and processing, dealer locator services, various reservation services, etc.

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