Whatever type of business you currently run, you cannot feel entirely secured from the risks of identity theft. Online payment processing issues, privacy intrusions, and even plain computer viruses can impede the development of productive relations with customers. However, the situation is not as bad as it may seem: 24 Answering’s identity theft alert system was developed to speed up your growth and let you provide your customers with superior products and services. If you use this system nothing can prevent your business from becoming the leader in your market niche!

Our identity theft alert system is a combination of live operator service and automated solutions that provide customer support and credit alert assistance. Our response system comprises numerous features and offers considerable benefits to businesses. We help you protect your customers from various types of identity theft, including:

  • Social securityt;
  • Financial;
  • Medical;
  • Driver’s license;
  • Criminal record.

Our identity theft response system will become the main factor of sustained business success. Instead of fighting against the most sophisticated forms of identity theft, our system will give your employees enough time to deal with their core responsibilities and tasks. There is virtually nothing you cannot do to protect your customers from risks. Our answering service, live operators, experience, knowledge, and technical resources will become the best way to help your business prosper. Our response system works 24/7/365. We always do our best to find effective solutions to customers' problems. We act like a real-time support for your customers.

Identity theft is no longer your problem! You can finally focus on growing your business, while we are working to bring your professional response system into operation. Your customers will have direct access to the latest information about the identity theft. We guarantee that all customers' transactions wil be properly conducted. 24 Answering provides the best services which cannot be offerred by other companies.

It is a better alternative to loosing thousands of dollars as a result of identity thefts. Call us today to find out more!

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