Utilizing 24 Answering, you will save your money and office space owing to our virtual green answering service. You can have a perfect opportunity to cut down on power consumption and carbon emissions while commuting for long hours in your own office. Using our green answering service, your office air will be cleaner. Conducting your business using our call centers you don`t have to hire and train your own staff. You can concentrate on more important tasks of your business or practice.

We Can Help Your Business Go Green

Nowadays everyone becomes conscious of protecting the environment. 24 Answering is not left behind this process too. We have designed special programs to help business go green. Our goal is to help your company in various ways and we take into consideration each new trend. We provide some useful offers to companies:

  • Online Billing: We receive payments and bills online reducing paper and tree consumption. You don`t have to write any checks when you receive invoices online. Processing your payments automatically with our auto-pay program no paper, pens, or pencils are needed.
  • Electronic Message Transmission: Don`t waste paper sending your messages and invoices by fax. We can handle it successfully over the internet using our software systems. What is more you can update your messages, calls, check other information online.
  • Receptionist: Owing to our offsite receptionist you will have an advantage of working from different locations without any commuting to one place of work. Your employees can work from their homes presenting your corporation as a reliable and large one with help of offsite receptionists working from our answering calling centers located throughout the United States.
  • Complete Outsourcing: We know how to make your business go green working in your own office and using our answering service. Our staff works as a unique team helping you achieve your business` goals managing your customer service, sales, order processing, appointment settings, and more.
  • Nationwide Access: You can use other offices and their space saving your own office space and time. 24 Answering provides its service at a national level without expending answering service offices in the United States.

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